10 Things Nobody Tells You About Motherhood

1. You will stop caring about what other people think of you.

If Academy Awards were given for temper tantrums, my toddler would outrival Meryl Streep for best performance. Able to transform from perfectly delightful toddler to borderline foaming at the mouth in .25 of a second, there is no telling where he will strike next. To the strangers offended by my wailing child on the floor of Whole Foods – sorry I’m so preoccupied raising my children that I thoroughly ignored your conspicuous disapproval of my parenting skills.

2. You will learn the true meaning of exhaustion.

You spend the greater portion of your 20’s working hard, partying harder, and burning the candle at both ends. You know everything there is to know about being tired, right? Guess again. The exhaustion following a night of alcohol-fueled bad decisions pales in comparison to the hamster wheel of motherhood. Sleeping all morning is no longer an option and unlike hangovers, sleep deprivation can’t be cured by mozzarella sticks and Gatorade.

3. Having a few close mom friends is essential.

Nobody understands both the joys and struggles of raising tiny humans quite like other moms, and during the first few years of motherhood these friendships are fundamental in maintaining your sanity. These relationships are often based on a mutual love of nap time and adult beverages and serve as the perfect outlet for commiserating over the challenges of the first year, terrible twos and raging “threenagers.”

4. You will kiss your vacations goodbye.

Although our children are seasoned jetsetters, I hesitate to use the term “vacation” to describe our getaways, as these trips are rarely relaxing. Gone are the days of floating down lazy rivers and reading US Weekly on a chaise by the pool. Suddenly swim-up bars have been replaced with swim diapers and sunscreen application is met with poolside meltdowns.

5. There will never be enough time in your day.

Despite your best pre-baby time management skills, it will be a continuous struggle to manage your never-ending to-do lists and overloaded calendar. You will inevitably try to cram your entire adult life into the small window between your child’s bedtime and the moment when you fall asleep on the couch still clutching your Iphone (while adamantly insisting that you aren’t, in fact, sleeping).

6. Your children (and their stuff) will take over your whole home.

Despite your best efforts to maintain a sophisticated home, your living space will become inundated with toys (most of which your child will seldom even use) faster than you can say “Paw Patrol.” I’ve always paid meticulous attention to detail, especially when it comes to keeping my home neat and organized. At first I shuddered at the sight of cumbersome baby gear alongside my perfectly-curated living room filled with French antiques. One gargantuan play mat, two exersaucers, two swings, and one play kitchen later, and I’m finally coming to terms with our new interior design.

7. Everyone is an expert on how you should raise your child.

Your colleagues, relatives, and even your barista at Starbucks will be eager to offer their unsolicited parenting advice, especially during your most challenging motherhood moments. Unless you can provide me with a copy of your “Mother of the Year” certificate, I will pretend to graciously accept and carefully contemplate your advice before walking away and complaining to my mom friends about our encounter.

8. You will appreciate silence.

Remember those peaceful Saturday mornings spent sipping cappuccino while quietly reading the New York Times? Me neither! There is no volume control to the soundtrack of motherhood, and flashes of silence are so infrequent that we often suspect our children are in danger when the room is too quiet. As I exit the elevator on the floor of my apartment building, I can already hear the cacophony of sounds emanating from my apartment – balls ricocheting off the walls and high-pitched voices vacillating between shrieks of joy and tearful whimpering.

9. You are way more capable than you ever thought.

I vividly recall the final few moments before leaving the hospital after the birth of my first child. As I strapped my fragile newborn baby into his car seat for the very first time, I marveled at the tiny defenseless creature before me. “They’re actually going to let us take him home?” I questioned my husband in disbelief. Like many new moms, I was incredibly intimidated by the enormous sense of responsibility that accompanies parenthood. It wasn’t before long, however, that my motherly instincts kicked into high gear and I was offering unsolicited parenting advice to other new moms – ha!

10. You will be eternally grateful for it all.

Although sometimes motherhood feels like an endless onslaught of tears, spilled milk, and low-grade fevers, there is no greater joy than waking up to smiling faces and rediscovering the world through their eyes. And every night before you go to sleep, you will pray for the tools to persevere through the chronic fatigue while secretly wishing that all of this will never end.

29 thoughts on “10 Things Nobody Tells You About Motherhood

  1. I don’t know whether you make it sound like a nightmare or worth it haha – I’m definitely not ready to give up sleeping all morning yet.


  2. No one prepares you for being a parent, its a package that comes with lots of surprises and extra that you have not banked for. However on the plus side there are lots of dividends you get too and the joys.


  3. Spot on. I just had my 2nd and this sums up my feelings perfectly. I thought after my wedding and settling after college that after a few work friends – my circle had closed.
    #1 – yes! Never imagined that before a child! #10 – daily pray that they will never grown too old to be held or snuggled.


  4. all so true, and yet, in an instant 20, yrs will pass and dirty diapers and mega-strollers will be among your fondest memories


  5. These are all so true. Earlier today my friend. Same age as me but with no partner and no children said to me. Im tired. I said.. Try being a Parent and then tell me your tired hahaha


  6. Yep, these are all so true. Though now my daughter is a teenager I miss all of the toys, noise and business…definitely don’t miss the sleepless nights and tiredness!


  7. Yes these are all so true. Especially being told how to raise your child – I remember when my son was potty training and my grandad made a remark about how he should be sorted by now. My Nan went berserk at him saying kids will train when they are ready and he has no right to tell me how to raise MY child since he never changed a nappy with any of his THREE children, haha. He’s never told me how to raise my children since… lol


  8. Parenting really is a rollercoaster! Not sure if I have yet reached the not caring what people think of me (ESPECIALLY when my daughter is having a tantrum at the supermarket!!), but hopefully I’ll get there soon! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Laura | The Loft


  9. Sure thing!
    Not so shy anymore and I often hurt myself whilst walking on cars, but is worth the bruises! 🙂


  10. So true! My kids are all grown now but some things don’t leave you like never sleeping deeply again. I remember when my brother had a child and I said “Welcome to the I used to have money and sleep years”.


  11. Well, I’m not married so I don’t know anything about motherhood but I hate kids and I totally agree with you ” You will appreciate silence”.


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