Outer – Where Comfort Meets Luxury

Since buying a home in the suburbs, lounging in the backyard has proven to be such a wonderful alternative to the fast-paced lifestyle of the concrete jungle. But creating the perfect backyard oasis begins with choosing the right furniture, and I knew we needed the very best. When I first discovered Outer, I was so floored to learn about how the brand has successfully reinvented outdoor furniture that’s just as luxurious as it is practical. This direct-to-customer company based in Santa Monica has seemingly done the impossible by designing comfortable outdoor furniture as stylish as our indoor furniture and as durable as camping gear, all with the capability to keep itself dry and clean. If the name Outer sounds familiar to you, you may have seen them pitching on Shark Tank, where they accepted an offer from a very eager Lori Grenier. ⁣

Say goodbye to broken down wicker, rusted frames and uncomfortable, soggy wet cushions! Today I’m sharing what differentiates the Outer outdoor furniture from all the others. ⁣

Patented OuterShell®⁣

The protective Outershell can be rolled down and concealed inconspicuously behind the back cushion

There’s few things worse than planning to host a social gathering outside only to discover that the cushions on your patio set are soggy and wet from recent rainfall. No one wants to sit on waterlogged cushions! An Outer sofa is always clean, dry, and ready to be used. The cushions are made from multi-layer, eco-friendly foam with an extra breathable layer that keeps the foam dry. But wait – it gets even better! The built-in patented OuterShell® quickly rolls out and over the cushions to protect them from everyday dirt, debris and morning dew. This is a total game changer for those who live in areas with unpredictable weather!!

The protective Outershell conveniently pulls out from behind the cushions to protect against the elements
The protective Outershell can be secured to the bottom of the cushion for easy removal

The cover can also be secured to the bottom of the cushion to keep it in place during inclement weather or to easily remove the cushions and carry them inside. Thanks to the ingenious designers at Outer, never again will a passing shower interfere with your plans to lounge outside. ⁣


I have a profound appreciation of Outer’s dedication to sustainability and keeping our planet beautiful for future generations. Their furniture is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly for the most conscious of consumers. Each chair of the Outer Sofa is made from approximately 100 ocean plastic bottles and all other materials are selected with intention, including wood, which has been harvested from sustainably managed forests. And if you’re an avid environmentalist, you’ll be even more delighted to hear about the philanthropic efforts of Outer. For every Outer chair and sofa sold in the Teak collection, saplings will be planted in partner forests to help maintain Earth’s carbon balance. I love supporting brands with a social and environmental conscience.⁣

Our Wicker sofa with armchairs comfortably seats 5 and looks perfect with the Teak coffee table with concrete inlay


After a long day of managing a myriad of responsibilities, I long for moments of relaxation in my backyard oasis where my body and mind can finally feel at peace. The Outer couch redefines comfort with its multi-layer memory foam cushions that offer luxurious relaxation usually found only in high-end mattresses. It is truly the world’s most comfortable outdoor cushion! The generously sized frames are carefully engineered by the experts at Outer to comfortably fit a diverse range of body types, leg lengths and heights. ⁣

The Wicker armchairs are the perfect size for my love bugs


In a world where weather is increasingly unpredictable, we need only the highest quality outdoor furniture that is capable of withstanding the elements. Outer’s life-proof fabric, all-weather wicker, powder-coated frame and stainless steel legs are built to withstand not only severe weather conditions, but also everyday usage with even the most rambunctious kids and pets.

The Outer wicker furniture and coffee table have maintained its function and beauty even with my most rambunctious crew
The Teak Outer Coffee Table with Concrete Inlay is the perfect addition to the Wicker Outdoor Sofa with Armchairs

First, let’s discuss the cushions because aside from being unbelievably comfortable, the Outer seat cushions are built to last! Manufactured from a proprietary fabric that has properties of organic fabric, the performance characteristics actually most closely resemble that of outdoor apparel. The cushions are waterproof and extremely easy to clean, especially because the fabric is already resistant to stains, mold and mildew. Finished with a nano-coating and resistant to UV light, the Outer cushions can easily last a lifetime if properly cared for. ⁣

The Outer all-weather wicker is handwoven, extremely easy to maintain and UV-resistant, meaning the furniture can be left outside all year. The sofas are designed to withstand both sizzling and subzero temps, heavy rain, snow, and are impervious even to salty sea air. ⁣

Sitting on the memory foam cushions feels like lounging mini mattresses

Thanks to Outer, our backyard has truly become a peaceful oasis amongst the chaos of the outside world. Are you ready to kick back and enjoy life’s simple luxuries in your own backyard? Use promo code “LULANDLOU200” for $200 off at Outer.

Outer furniture for the most luxurious backyard relaxation experience