4 Reasons Why Woodloch Should be your First Post-pandemic Destination

After having spent the majority of the pandemic within the confines of our homes, the emergence of Covid-19 vaccines has given us not only the protection we need to curb the pandemic, but also a restored sense of freedom for which we have all so desperately been yearning. Our return visit to Woodloch this past weekend was so amazing, and seeing the kids’ excitement to be back together at their favorite resort was truly heartwarming. Today I’m sharing 4 reasons why Woodloch should be your first post-pandemic destination.

1. Effortless Dining

After preparing countless meals at home during the pandemic, parents everywhere are ready to be freed from their kitchen bunkers! The kitchen burn-out is real, and preparing meal after meal every day during lockdown and quarantines is enough to drive anyone bonkers. The dining experience at Woodloch couldn’t be any more delightful and effortless.

The core values of family togetherness are at the very heart of meal plan dining at Woodloch, and something we missed so terribly throughout the pandemic. Gathering to share a meal with our Woodloch family is such a great way to slow down and reconnect after a busy day of activities. Each meal is a multi-course dining experience served by only the friendliest and most accommodating staff.

And what meal would be complete without a colossal assortment of dreamy ice creams and others desserts?!

The Woodloch mission is to treat all guests as if they were company in their own homes, and they’ve succeeded, especially in their dining room. Picky kids? No problem! There are an abundance of meal options even for the most finicky eaters. And for those who prefer to dine in the comfort of your their suite, meals can also be taken to-go. Bon Appétit!

2. Plenty of Covid-Safe Outdoor Activities

Woodloch boasts a multitude of family-friendly outdoor activities that would appeal to even those whose Covid comfort level may prohibit most indoor activities. Built on over 300 acres, the Woodloch property contains an abundance of attractions including, but not limited to, go-carts, miniature golf, scenic boat tours, snow tubing, peddle boats and row boats, bocce ball, rock climbing wall, hiking trails and petting zoo with pony rides. We were bummed to have missed the snow tubing this trip, but sadly there was just no snow (Snow tubing is typically open only in January and February). But that didn’t keep us from crossing every other outdoor activity off our fall 2021 Woodloch bucket list!

The mini golf course is the perfect backdrop for lessons in sportsmanship (think 2 young kids wielding golf clubs – haha) and is situated right next to a massive playground that Chloe is still talking about!

Although we had brisk Fall weather during our trip, that didn’t keep us off the lake. One of the highlights of our weekend was peddle boating on Lake Teedyuskung and breathing in the refreshing mountain air.

The pony rides at Woodloch are always a crowd favorite, and this trip was no exception. We arrived at the petting zoo as soon as it opened up for the day, which meant Evan and Chloe were able to get several consecutive rides even before a line formed.

We must have raced in the go-carts at least 10 times during our most recent stay, and probably would have spent more hours doing so if not for the other countless activities on our Woodloch weekend agenda.

3. Busy Days of Planned Activities

Upon check-in at Woodloch you receive a schedule of events that will serve as your guide throughout your busy days on their expansive property. After months of quarantine and lockdowns, fun-filled days are just what the doctor ordered. A busy day of activities is the perfect excuse to unplug and connect with those you love most.

At any given moment throughout the day, there are a multitude of family-friendly activities to choose from – truly something for everyone in all age groups. From scavenger hunts, to arts and crafts, Family Feud, Trivia, and countless other games, activities and contests throughout each day, the FOMO feelings will be kicked into high gear at Woodloch. Between scheduled activities Evan and Chloe love ducking into one of the many arcade areas where Air Hockey and video games abound.

The Arts & Crafts room is a tranquil place to unwind in between the other more adventurous activities. Always stocked with plenty of projects and art supplies, this room is a great way for parents to enjoy some quiet time for a few moments while the kids work independently.

The Indoor Splash Zone at Woodloch may be one of our favorite attractions of all. Our last visit was pre-Covid, but almost two years later and now Evan and Chloe are much stronger swimmers. Once intimidated by the corkscrew water slide, they’re now seasoned adventures who repeatedly crushed the water slide with ease. It’s amazing what 1+ years in isolation can do!

At the time of our last visit, Chloe was not yet tall enough to ride on the bumper cars. This year, however, she more than made up for lost time, as we visited the bumper cars each day of our stay. These kids just couldn’t get enough!

4. Entertainment

Because of Covid-19, it feels like we’ve been robbed of so many of life’s greatest pleasures. Attending musical and theatrical performances was once one of our favorite pastimes, but sadly, because of Covid there are fewer opportunities for this kind of eye-zapping, sensory overload that so many of us long for. Pressing pause on everyday life and letting the magic of a live performance transport you to another world is just what we could all use right now, and oh boy, does Woodloch deliver!

With world class performances every night, you won’t ever want to leave! During our most recent stay we caught Nowhere Slow’s new “Music of the Movies” show and the kids sang along to all their favorite songs from movies until ultimately Chloe fell asleep in my arms. I’d say it was a good night!

The assortment of nightly entertainment ranges from theatrical performances, to musicians, comedians, circus acts, children’s entertainment, and more. At Woodloch you will always be on the edge of your seat!